Prof. Jean Van Den Elsen – University of Bath, Bath, UK

The CMRG and Stellenbosch University are much-valued strategic partners of the University of Bath. It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with Prof Essop, a partnership that has enabled us to test our glycation detection technology using the CMRG’s expertise in cardio-metabolic diseases. Our complementary knowledge greatly increases our understanding of the role protein glycation in these diseases and provides insights that have the potential to contribute to improving human health.

Prof. Ismail Laher – University of British Columbia, Canada

I really enjoy working with the faculty, staff and students associated with the CMRG: their enthusiasm and dedication has certainly had an uplifting influence on me (note: I worked for 3 months in CMRG laboratory in 2017).  Importantly, I have learnt much from my interactions with the CMRG and hope to maintain a long-standing collaboration with this important group.

Prof. Gary Sieck – Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA

As a physiologist, I am able to pursue my curiosity about life and how our bodies work.  I am also able to travel around the world and meet others who share my passion, and establish collaboration in common pursuits. I am very excited about our collaboration with the CMRG in the Department of Physiological Sciences at Stellenbosch University.  Each of our groups bring unique and excellent talents and technologies, but we are both focused on the pathophysiology underlying cardio-metabolic diseases. I look forward to continued collaboration with Prof. Faadiel Essop and his team in the future.

Prof. Monte Willis – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC, USA

We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to work with Prof. Faadiel Essop and the CMRG on several projects.  Prof. Essop’s excellent research program spanning metabolic syndrome, cardiac disease, and HIV/HIV treatments lend a unique perspective to all three areas in ways not previously appreciated. The CMRG’s expertise in metabolic disease and therapeutics has been invaluable to our ongoing research efforts.

Prof. Emmanuel Bourdon – University of La Reunion, France

It is a real great honor and pleasure for me to collaborate with the CMRG that is superbly led by Prof. Faadiel Essop.  As a professor at La Reunion Island, a French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean, I share very close research interests with Prof.  Essop’s group for a better understanding of the physiological, cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of diabetic pathology.

I remain very appreciative by the quality of the research and the student training provided by the CMRG and by the state-of-the art techniques optimized in their research environment.  Our collaboration has been effective in terms of student training periods, sabbatical visits (I spent 5 months with the CMRG in 2015) and technology transfer.  The collaboration is fruitful in term of student training as we recently co-supervised a French PhD, and also in term of joint publications.

My hope is for a sustained and long-term collaboration with the CMRG though grant proposals for Indian Ocean research development and though European fellowship applications.