Research done by the CMRG group is regularly published by various high-impact local as well as international journals. Here are some of our recent publications.

Health Benefits of Fasting and Caloric Restriction.


  1. Health Benefits of Fasting and Caloric Restriction.

Saeid Golbidi et al, (2017), Current Diabetes Report.

Trimetazidine therapy for diabetic mouse hearts subjected to ex vivo acute heart failure.
Age-dependent development of left ventricular wall thickness in type 2 diabetic (db/db) mice is associated with elevated low-density lipoprotein and triglyceride serum level

Phiwayinkosi V. Dludla et al, (2017), Heart and Vessels


Glycation abolishes the cardioprotective effects of albumin during ex vivo ischemia-perfusion.

Rudo F. Mapanga et al, (2017), Physiological Reports

Resveratrol co-treatment attenuates the effect of HIV protease inhibitors on rat body weight and enhances cardiac mitochondrial respiration.
Aspalathin protects the heart against hyperglycemia-induced oxidative damage by up-regulating Nrf2 expression.

Phiwayinkosi V. Dludla et al, (2017), Molecule

Cardiovascular risk and endothelial function in people living with HIV/AIDS: Design of the multi-site, longitudinal EndoAfrica in the Western Cape Province of South Africa
Diabetes-induced hepatic oxidative stress: a new pathogenic role for glycated albumin.

Jessica Patche et al, (2017), Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Phenylpyruvic Acid-2-O-β-D-Glucoside Attenuates High Glucose-Induced Apoptosis in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes.

 Phiwayinkosi V. Dludla et al, (2016), Planta Med

AGEing heart valves: a bittersweet stiffening process?

M Faadiel Essop, (2016), Journal of Clinical Pathology

Enhanced oxidative stress in adipose tissue from diabetic mice, possible contribution of glycated albumin.

Florence Boyer et al, (2016), Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Damaging effects of hyperglycemia on cardiovascular function: spotlight on glucose metabolic pathways.

Rudo F. Mapanga, M. Faadiel Essop, (2016), American Journal of Physiology


The CMRG values and treasures all its past and present students. Here is the list of our students who graduated in 2016-17:
1. Eman Teer PhD 2017
2. Natasha Driescher PhD 2017
3. Sulandy Reuter MSc 2017
4. Shoeneez De Kerk Hons 2017
5. Lucien Sher Hons 2017
6. Charlene Kimar PhD 2016
7. Phiwa Dludla PhD 2016
8. Florence Boyer PhD 2016
9. Janina Benade MSc 2016
10. Emilene Breedt MSc 2016
11. Burger Symington MSc 2016
12. Faten Abaid MSc 2016
13. Jacques Swart Hons 2016
14. Sulandy Reuter Hons 2016
15. Fiona Marinus Hons 2016