In line with our ‘’why’’, ‘’how’’ and stated mission, the CMRG’s main thrust is to unravel the mysteries and complexities underpinning the development of cardio-metabolic diseases. Such research initiatives are highly relevant since future projections indicate that Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases will be the major cause of death in developing countries within the next few decades, with those in their prime labor years to be hardest hit. Thus our efforts are focused on tackling this problem in order to better understand its origins and progression, and to then drive innovation to ultimately ensure improved human health and well-being. A three-tiered research strategy is currently adopted to fulfill our mission and to ensure maximum societal impact. The current CMRG niche areas: Pioneering Spirit, Figuring out Risk Factors and Advancing Patient Welfare provide excellent vehicles to tackle this growing burden of disease, while also offering a wide a spectrum of intriguing research questions to pique the interest of students and researchers alike.