Cardio Metabolic Research Group – CMRG – Why?

The Cardio Metabolic Research Group was formed to uncover the mysteries and complexities of the heart and associated metabolic organs in order to challenge and shift existing paradigms and to eventually advance human health by deriving unique solutions.  It is our determined conviction that this should be a fun-filled process that provides meaning, fulfillment and happiness to the pursuant.  This quest also creates a unique opportunity to lead, inspire and empower students to become agents of change for a better world.

Cardio-Metabolic Research Group – CMRG – How?

We spend our time to critically and fearlessly understand existing complexities related to cardio-metabolic complications such as diabetes and heart diseases by considering all evidence, viewpoints and arguments in an honest and open manner.  This includes a process of synthesis and re-synthesis of information and findings until new meanings, theories and truths are derived.  Theories are meticulously tested in our laboratories to assess if indeed valid or not.  We are also continuously mindful to enjoy this process as it equates to happiness.  In parallel, we are people-centered and carefully nurture and empower our members in order to unlock their potential, to produce future leaders that will influence and drive change at both personal and societal levels.  Knowledge thus generated is shared as widely as possible using various platforms, to thereby benefit the overall health and well-being of society.

Cardio-Metabolic Research Group – CMRG – Mission

To explore and unravel the origins and progression of cardio-metabolic diseases in order to produce new knowledge, diagnostic tools and treatments, and thereby help advance overall human health and welfare.  To create a sharing, trusting and supportive environment that ensures empowerment of members with knowledge, understanding and insights in the field.  Particular attention is paid to each individual’s needs and the experience is tailored to maximally unlock underlying potential, to nurture personal development and to ensure successful career growth and employment.  Overall, it is our mission to inspire members to adopt a reflective, insightful and informed approach to cardio-metabolic diseases and other health issues to eventually make a positive contribution to the advancement of human welfare.

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